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Analysis Of The Weak Digital Strategy Of Subway †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Analysis Of The Weak Digital Strategy Of Subway. Answer: Introduction The report is based on the analysis of the weak digital strategy of Subway which is a well renowned brand in the food industry across the world. The company sells sandwiches and salads which is claimed as nutritious and made on the basis of orders given by the customers. The company started in 1965 is now famous worldwide and is now operating in more than 100 countries. Subway, like other brands adoptsdigital marketing strategies but is not so successful in the same (Subway, 2017). Brand offerings, Target market and Positioning The brand offers sandwiches, salads and burgers which are healthy and nutritious. The brand targets those who are willing to have hygienic and delicious meals. The company targets the customers who belong to the middle and upper middle class who are able to purchase the affordable meals by Subway (Fletcher, 2015). It is providing variety of tastes and choices to the customers who are health conscious. It is also creating positive influence on the planet by providing healthy food. Subway positions its brand as a fresh and nutritious brand which gives a message Eat fresh. It positions itself as a positive brand which sets a positive trend of eating unlike the other food brands like KFC and McDonalds which sells fast food (Fletcher, 2015). Digital Marketing Strategies by Subway Subway uses several digital platforms to market its business. The company have its own company website where it shows the locations of its restaurants, offers and menus to guide customers for ordering online or offline. The company also have its presence on the Facebook and have its own mobile application to cater more customers (Horovitz, 2016). To stay competitive and to be the first choice of the customers, the company need to have pace with the innovation and technology so that the messages of the company can be clearly communicated to the audience (Khan and Siddiqui, 2013). The sandwich giant has revamped its digital strategies with the help of social media and the social payment channels. The company has invested and introduced e wallets like apple pay and Android pay. It has also offered the loyalty cards on the online platform (Horovitz, 2016). To engage its customers, the brand has launched a mobile application which can easily connect the customers with the company. The company tracks the orders of its customers which are placed online so that the offers related to their orders can be given to them to allure them to use the products of the brand even more than before. The company also useemail marketing to make aware about its offerings and promotions to the regular or target customers. Why Subway failed with the digital marketing strategies The company also have its presence on the social media like on Instagram or twitter but the marketing efforts are weak. Subway and its restaurants have been decreased across the world because of its poor pace with the digital marketing strategies where every other brand is easily accessible and present on most of the social media and digital platforms (Horovitz, 2016). Subway is facing a threat in the food industry because of its limitation to the promotional platforms. The company do not make effective use of the television and social media platforms to allure customers. It is very slow to adapt to the changing requirements of promotions unlike other brands from the same industry. The order online concept of the brand is not so famous and the customers are not so comfortable with it. The company mainly focuses on the traditional marketing techniques The Company also launched some marketing campaigns online which failed because it gave unsocial messages to the customers (Nudd, 2014). Digital marketing strategy by Dominos Dominos is an American Pizza chain which is now expanded to more than 6000 locations across the world. The company has created excellent digital experiences for the customers by launching various advertisements and promotional techniques to attract most of the customers. Dominos is the early adopter of digital strategy in the industry and it has constantly changed its digital landscape. The company has wonderful applications and official website where it has made very easy for the customers to order online. The company launches effective marketing campaigns on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It has also used mobile messaging and emails to connect with the customers and posted videos on YouTube to make itself attractive in front of its existing and probable customers (Dominos, 2017). Conclusion It can be concluded that the brand Subway needs to improve on its digital media strategies for marketing like Dominos did because digital media platforms are essential in todays era of globalisation to attract the customers from various countries and to have an edge over the competitors in the highly competitive industry. This will make the brand able to allure maximum customers and will help it in making its global presence. References Dominos, 2017, Inside Dominos, Retrieved from Fletcher, H 2015, Subway Defies Odds, Becomes Positive Brand Trend, Target Marketing. Horovitz, B 2016, Subways Digital Makeover, QSR. Khan, F and Siddiqui, K 2013, The importance of digital marketing. An exploratory study to find the perception and effectiveness of digital marketing amongst the marketing professionals in Pakistan,Journal of Information Systems Operations Management, p.1. Nudd, T 2014, The 13 Biggest Brand Fails of 2014, ADWEEK. Subway, 2017, History, Retrieved from

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