Thursday, January 30, 2020

Extreme Poverty and the Rights of the Poor Essay Example for Free

Extreme Poverty and the Rights of the Poor Essay Extreme poverty and the rights of the poor has been a high priority of the UN ever since its creation, yet this dilemma are still happening in many underdeveloped and developing countries. To eliminate this problem, public awareness and a genuine cooperation in the global community is required. Extreme poverty and rights of the poor goes hand in hand, because in many third world and developing nations, poor people have no rights. France encourages nations to genuinely cooperate to increase the awareness of the issue and to abolish habits of â€Å"ignoring poverty and the rights of the poor. † The eradication of poverty must begin by providing help to those most affected by the problem. The poor and uneducated makes up the majority of those without any rights, they lack access to the fastest way of escaping poverty, education; therefore, they rarely ever have a voice in their communities. France is well aware that efforts have been made to fight poverty in many regions simultaneously, including Africa, Central and South America, and the Middle East. France strongly believes that the most essential step the UN should take in order to solve this problem is to encourage all nations to provide free education to everyone. In order to reduce poverty and guarantee rights to the poor, free education must be made available to everyone, especially to those that cannot afford it. If this is achieved, people most definitely are able to have a bigger and better access to economic opportunities, a major factor in escaping poverty. In France, it is required for children from the age of 6-16 to attend school. After ninth grade, students can choose whether or not to pursue a higher education, such as high school and college, if not, they can be admitted to a technical school, then graduate from such school and have a professional career. France believe that based on the high efficiency of this method, the UN should carry out similar actions to a global scale by encouraging nations to adopt the same principle. In conclusion, France strongly believes nations must genuinely cooperate effectively in order to reduce poverty and guarantee rights to the poor. The source of this problem is believed to be the lack of access to education due to poverty. Providing free education must be the first step nations should take in order to bring an end to this problem.

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